Vegans share tales of meaty dating nightmares | Totally Vegan Buzz

Vegans share tales of meaty dating nightmares

Vegans share tales of meaty dating nightmares
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Looking for love is hard enough for anyone, but what if you’re vegan? Even as veganism rapidly gains momentum at the start of 2019, vowing only to date people with the same diet to you can make finding ‘the one’ even more challenging.

While some dream of a vegan companion, others are happy as long their other half is respectful of their beliefs.

From lifelong lovebirds, first dates or even just online dating, ten vegans told Totally Vegan Buzz tales of life dating an omnivore.

Poor options

Joel: “One time I went on a first (and only) date with an omni guy who knew I was vegan and took us to a steak house where all I could eat was a halloumi salad sans the halloumi and dressing.

“I had told him I was vegan before he’d arranged the date and told him truthfully when he asked that I didn’t mind eating somewhere non-vegan as long as there was a nice choice for me.”

Bad breath

Sille: “I have dated non-vegans as a vegan, but in the end, I ended up in a relationship with another vegan. I think meat-eaters have bad breath, besides the obvious obstacle of not sharing the same values and morals.

“Today, I would never settle for a non-vegan person, as I think that it is a moral catastrophe to accept animal exploitation.”

Slowly but surely

Luke: “My partner ate meat when we met but has now gone pescatarian. She eats mostly vegan at home. It is challenging sometimes, but you can’t force things on people, only encourage.”


Graham: “I find the pheromones (B.O.) given off by non-vegan/vegetarians is awful.”

It takes two

Beverley: “My husband of 34 years and I went veggie and then vegan together! Be fussy who you give your heart to, core values have to match.”

Vegans share tales of meaty dating nightmares
Image: Rawpixel / Unsplash

When you wish upon a star

Tony: “My partner commented on my post in a vegan Facebook group back in October, then she left me her number, as she thought I sounded really cool.

“Fast forward three dates and we became a couple. Both had prayed for a vegan partner, and here we are! Happy, and so in love!”

More bad breath

Paul: “If you’re already in a relationship when one person turns vegan then that’s not so bad.

“But on a first date with an omni? What about that first kiss after you’ve been for a meal? You move in for the kiss only to smell dead fish, cows, chickens or pigs.

“Bork! I’m speaking from experience – when you’ve been vegan for a long time you really can smell the meat.”

In a quandary

Clare: “I am currently in a long term relationship with a non-vegan. It’s the only thing I would change about him.

“The longer we’re together the more concerned I become that he will never go vegan and I don’t want to consider that.

“I struggle with the thought that he is a good person but he continues to participate in horror.”

Poor pickup lines

Holly: “I’ve had lots of people say“I know you’re vegan but you’ll eat my meat right?” on Tinder.”

And rapid rebuttals

Jane: “I’m looking for a vegan but the sites for vegans and veggies are utter s**te! I get asked, ‘so you don’t eat any meat?’ to which I reply ‘that’s right, not even a sausage’.”

How was your experience dating a non-vegan? Tell us in the comments below!

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