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Ben & Jerry’s just launched a new climate themed vegan flavour in the UK

Ben & Jerry’s just launched a new climate themed vegan flavour in the UK
Image: Ben & Jerry’s

The ‘Save Our Swirled Now!’  vegan ice-cream follows the ‘Un-fudge Our Future’ vegan flavor launched last month to petition Australian leaders to ban fossil fuels.

Ben & Jerry’s has launched a new ‘Save Our Swirled Now!’ vegan flavor in the United Kingdom.

The new flavour dedicated to sustainability was spotted by Instagrammer  @ordinary_vegan at a Sainsbury’s supermarket outlet.

 According to popular food blog Vegan Food UK, Ben & Jerry’s seems to have tweaked its discontinued Coconutterly Caramel’d flavor since the updated vegan flavour also consists of the same ingredients of coconut-flavored almond milk base, chocolate chunks and caramel cookie swirls.

While Save Our Swirled Now!, may contain the same flavors as Coconutterly, it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the Vermont-based ice cream brand is doing all it can to promote sustainability, and spread awareness about climate change through its products.

‘Un-fudge our Future’

Last month, Ben & Jerry’s also launched the Un-fudge Our Future vegan flavor in Australia last month as part of its sustainable future campaign to petition the leaders to ban fossil fuels. The flavour features non-dairy ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter, fudge brownies & chunks of peanut butter cookie dough.

In an online statement, the brand revealed: “Un-fudge our Future isn’t just a tasty new vegan flavour you can’t miss, it’s a climate crisis call-to-action you can’t ignore.

“Ben & Jerry’s is supporting climate leaders Australia & the inspiring global movement of young people demanding climate action.

“There is no planet B, that’s why we will donate part of the proceeds of each pint to the movement fighting for our future.”

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