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Review: Ben & Jerry’s launches coconutty new vegan flavour in the UK

Ben & Jerry's launches coconutty new vegan flavour in the UK
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Ben & Jerry’s is set to launch new vegan ice cream flavour Coconutterly Caramel’d in the UK in January.

The new coconut-flavoured dessert features caramel and cookie swirls and chocolatey pieces.


Totally Vegan Buzz reporter Samhita Foria, who was at the launch in Brighton, described the new product: “The subtle yet present coconut is a modest base, allowing the buttery swirls of caramel to take centre stage.

“It’s thankfully not sickly sweet like most dairy-free caramel offerings tend to be, reinforcing Ben & Jerry’s ‘grown-up’ ice-cream credentials.

“Chocolate chunks give texture amidst the pockets of almost dough-like cookie, adding enough complexity to mean that accidentally eating a whole tub straight away does not seem out of the question.

“Peanut Butter & Cookies should be quaking in its tub as Coconutterly Caramel’d is certain to steal the crown in January for the best dairy-free flavour to date.”


Ben & Jerry’s launched three vegan flavours in 2017 – Chocolate Brown Fudge, Chunky Monkey and Peanut Butter & Cookies – all made using almond milk.

But this is the first time the company has used coconut milk in its vegan ice-cream.

Ben & Jerry’s said in a statement: “We’ve been having a lot of fun crafting & churning our non-dairy ice cream concoctions here at Ben & Jerry’s and…well…we’re coconutty about this one!

“A perfect balance of coconutty and caramelly vegan and Fairtrade Ice Cream, swirled with caramel & cookies and boldly loaded with chocolatey chunks.

“It’s our swirliest vegan concoction yet, with Ben & Jerry’s euphoria in every bite…just without the cow.”

Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with the Vegetarian Union and is using their vegan stamp of approval to certify that its non-dairy doesn’t include animal products of any kind – including eggs, dairy or honey.

The company’s ‘flavour guru’, Josine Nohlmans, told Vegan Food & Living: “We’ve been churning on this for years, trying to recreate the luscious flavours and satisfying creaminess that set Ben & Jerry’s dairy collection apart and we think we’ve cracked it with a taste like no udder.

“We think this tastes so good that our Non-Dairy fans won’t miss what’s missing.

“This flavor delivers it all – from caramel swirls to chocolatey chunks and…well…we’re coconutterly in love with this one.”

What do you think of the Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy flavours? Tell us in the comments section below!

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