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Beyond meat to launch new plant-based bacon and steak

Image: Beyond Meat

With its signature plant-based ‘Beyond Burger’ being a huge hit, the company is now planning to develop meatless alternatives bacon and steak. 

The company’s CEO- Ethan Brown has not officially announced a launch date yet, tagging it as part of Beyond Meat’s long-term project. Though, he did mention that the company was focused on expanding its portfolio while giving consumers more options.

People who no longer eat meat products or are reducing their intake have taken an exceptional liking to Beyond Meat’s products and the demand has skyrocketed. Their sales soaring north of $40.2 million within the first quarter of the year, as per a CNN report. 

The company has also partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to tap into the breakfast industry, releasing a new breakfast sandwich made with the Beyond Meat vegan sausage. The breakfast sandwich is currently available at 163 Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout Manhattan.

Beyond, along with selling its signature protein in a “ground beef” format, has also improved on its current burger patty with coconut oil and cocoa butter to give the product a more meat-like feel. 

Impossible Foods, Beyond’s biggest challenger is also working on introducing meatless alternatives in the market and has announced plans to develop an alternative to fish food using heme—the protein ingredient used in Impossible Foods’ fake meat.

Do you think you’ll be trying Beyond Meat’s new products? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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