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Bounty and Galaxy launch vegan milkshakes

Bounty and Galaxy launch vegan milkshakes
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Asda supermarkets in the UK will now stock vegan milkshakes from popular chocolate bar brands Galaxy and Bounty.

The Mars-owned brands have created dairy-free versions of the popular milkshakes drinks. The Galaxy-flavored drink features oat milk for a rich and creamy texture, while the Bounty drink uses coconut milk to mimic the original taste.

The drinks priced at £1.50 a bottle are available across Asda stores in the UK.

Vegans hailed the announcement and expressed their excitement on social media.

“Amazing, just what I was looking for!!! Can’t wait to try these out!!! ???”

“Oh my god!! Ah the taste of galaxy chocolate again, its been soooooo long!”

“WOW!!! What an amazing birthday present for Tuesday ???”

“Omg galaxy getting me self down to asda on Monday,” were some of the comments posted on Instagram.”

The vegan drinks will be on sale from today (September 23).

The market for plant-based milk has expanded over recent years with oat, flax, almond, hemp, rice, and soy milk being available to cater to different consumer preferences. The market has seen huge growth in recent years as more consumers ditch dairy.

Have you tried the new vegan milkshakes from Bounty and Galaxy?⁠ Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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