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Bullies at school target a 11-year-old for being a vegan, ‘shove tuna melt in his face’ and ‘order him to eat grass’

Bullies at school target a 11-year-old for being a vegan, ‘shove tuna melt in his face’ and ‘order him to eat grass’
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An 11-year-old has been ridiculed at school and targeted because he does not consume meat.

Jack Shanahan from Birmingham, a student of Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School has been a vegan for the last three years.

However, other students at school poke fun at his dietary choices and often harass him.

Recently, fellow students bullied and ridiculed him by shoving “tuna melt” in his face and told him to “eat grass” because he did not consume meat.

Agitated, Jack snapped back telling the bullies that they were more vulnerable to cancer by eating meat.

Shockingly, while the bullies were unaccounted, one of the teachers reprimanded Jack for his comment at school making Jack decide never to attend school again.

After the incident when his parents approached the school, they found the management evasive and unwilling to resolve the matter.

In fact, the school even advised Dad Lee Hales to try segregating his son or move him to a new school leaving the parents shocked and furious.

“Kids will be kids, we realise that, but they can also be cruel,” the father told Birmingham Live.

“But frankly, I’m shocked by the way is school is handling the situation.”

“(Jack) is one of the brightest in his class, but sensitive. I have raised concerns before with the school, but most of the time when we contact them, they tend not to contact us back,” continued the father. 

“The comment he made this week was his way of defending himself. Unlike Jack, I will not concern myself over the health of the families whose children are making Jack’s school life difficult.”

 Lee Hales and partner Helen Shanahan are both vegans and have a Level 3 qualification in nutrition and personal training.

All of their three children including Jack are vegans by choice and the parents have never forced their views on the kids.

Understandably upset with the school’s stance, Lee said: “This is a very serious matter and, personally, I think the school should be ashamed. To say that I am angry is an understatement. I am at the end of my tether. Sadly, this is what vegans face in society. You get silly comments, you get silly questions, and you get that look from people.”


A Bishop Ilsley School spokesperson clarified: “Any allegations about bullying are taken seriously and we have robust procedures in place to deal with any issues that arise. We will not, and cannot, comment on individual cases,” in a statement.

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