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Burger King’s new plant-based Chickn Royale Burger unveiled on Instagram in sneak preview

Burger King to launch 100% vegan burger for Veganuary in the UK
Image: Burger King

“It’s so delicious and tastes so similar, it’s scary!” Vegan Food UK member, who tried the burger revealed.

According to Vegan food UK, fast-food giant, Burger King will soon release its new plant-based Chickn Royale Burger in the UK.

The popular food account posted images of the new meatless dish on Instagram giving fans a sneak preview of what the burger will look like.

It wrote: ‘First Look: The New Plant-based Chickn Royale Burger at Burger King

“What are your thoughts on it?

“The new burger hasn’t officially launched yet, but this is what it looks like in advance.”

The food account reported that its group member Chelsey Geary even got the opportunity to taste the burger.

She commented: “It’s so delicious and tastes so similar, it’s scary!”

Sustainability goals

The latest item is part of Burger King UK’s goals to make its menu 50% plant-based by 2031.

According to Burger King UK CEO, Alasdair Murdoch, the company wants to prioritize nutrition with its food, both for the consumer and the planet.

“Now more than ever, we believe that fresh, good quality food is vital to the quality of our lives and the health of our planet,” he said.


Hundreds of people commented on the post. Some were excited that the new option will make it easier for people to try vegan.

However, others expressed their concerns on whether Burger King will cook the plant-based patty on the same surfaces as its meat counterparts.

“I wouldn’t trust them on where they cook it though. I would rather support a fully vegan business,” wrote one user.

“I hope there’s no issues like there was with the last “plant based” alternative they had.,” commented another.

Some even expressed how unhealthy vegan junk food is flooding the market.

“There’s too much processed food saturating the vegan lifestyle now. Yeah it’s good for the animals, but it ain’t very good for us. The corporations don’t care about the animals, they just want your money,” a comment read.

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