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Chris Packham and 250,000 others call out Liz Truss for backing down on fur and foie gras bans

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The proposed bans are reportedly being scrapped because they limit “personal choice”.

Animal welfare groups and the UK public are outraged over news that Liz Truss is reportedly planning to scrap the proposed fur and foie gras bans.

Barely three weeks into her role as the newly-appointed UK Prime Minister, the politician has already made her anti-animal welfare intentions clear.

According to a Tory insider, Truss may also scrap the ban on live animal exports. Last week, she sacked Zac Goldsmith – who has been responsible for a number of animal welfare developments- as environment minister.


In response to Truss’ latest move, PETA joined animal rights campaigners from FOUR PAWS UK and Humane Society International/UK at Downing Street to submit a 250,000-strong petition led by Chris Packham.

 It is calling on Liz Truss and her government to ‘end the obscene double standard of allowing fur and foie gras imports to the UK whilst the production of both is banned here’.

Fur and foie gras production in the UK

The UK banned fur in 2003 due to its cruel production process.

It’s estimated that 130 million animals – including foxes, mink, rabbits, and raccoon dogs – die for fur every year.

And the production of foie gras was banned in the country in 2006, due to its controversial force-feeding of ducks and geese, which involves ramming long metal feeding pipes into their throats to fatten them up as quickly as possible

 Nearly one million birds lose their lives in the foie gras industry every year.

The UK’s double standards

Despite decades-long bans on fur and foie gras production, and growing public sentiment against the industries, the UK still allows sales and imports of both entities.

79% of the UK public favour a foie gras import ban, and 95% of the public reject fur.

However, as per a senior Conservative MP, the government decided to drop plans to ban these cruelly obtained products after opposition from a minority of Conservative MPs stalled the Animals Abroad Bill in May.

Brexit Opportunities Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg and other top Tories blocked the ban, citing the protection of “personal choice”.

Another senior Conservative told Politico: “Banning things seems very socialist.

 “Informing people is the way to go.”


Animal welfare organisations have slammed the decision.

“This is unacceptable. The bans are welcomed by everyone in this country except the inherently selfish,” said PETA in a statement.

“Backtracking betrays the animals the bans were designed to protect and also the public, which has made its opposition to these products clear.

“The government must fulfil its commitment to having and promoting the highest standards of animal welfare by closing our borders to cruelty.”

‘Huge let-down’

Lorraine Platt, co-founder of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, said the decision was a ‘huge let-down’ for millions of animals as well as animal lovers.

“It’s illegal to produce fur in the UK and it’s illegal to produce foie gras. We have to address the contradiction that if it’s too cruel to be produced here in the UK it’s too cruel to import it.”

In a statement to The Independent, she said: “Banning live exports and hunting trophies were manifesto commitments, and some people vote on manifesto commitments at elections.”

Claire Bass, of Humane Society International added: “Animals matter to voters, and people will not be content with oft-recycled rhetoric about being a ‘world leader in animal welfare’ if it’s not accompanied by meaningful action.

“Banning fur imports is not un-Conservative, it’s simply the right thing to do in line with the British public’s moral compass.”

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