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Company to sack employees if they bring single-use plastic to work

Company to sack employees if they bring single-use plastic to work
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An eco-conscious boss has warned staff they will be sacked if they bring single-use plastics to work.

In a bid to be more eco-conscious, Sheffield-based company Intelligent Hand Dryers has announced a new rule that bans disposable coffee cups with an inner plastic lining, water bottles and sandwich packets with plastic windows.

The company is also looking to amend staff contracts to ensure compliance.

Speaking to The Times, Andrew Cameron, 41, the company’s founder, said employees would get up to three warnings before their contract is terminated.

 “Staff were creating a lot of waste from going to the supermarket and having a load of unnecessary packaging, and buying meal deals that left the bins overflowing,” he said.

“I looked around at work and I could see all the waste.

“Our bins were just over-spilling. I’ve got three young kids and I just thought if we carry on blindly sleepwalking…then we’re all stuffed.

“It was driving me mad,” he added.

Remarking on the seriousness of plastic waste, Cameron told the newspaper: “This is not just about disobeying what may seem to many like a slightly draconian, left-leaning business owner who has lost his marbles and is taking away people’s civil liberties.”

Employee Reaction

Cameron admitted it did cause a few “screwed-up faces” among his workforce of 10 employees.

But, overall the reaction has been positive. Staff member Rich said: “Looking forward to the challenge of going plastic free, it’s going to be harder than it sounds but in the long run will be worth it.”

Adrian, another employee, said: “I think the ban on plastics has been targeted at me because I bring plastic bottles into work. I think it’s a positive addition to our company ethos.

“I think it’s a good standard to advertise to the local community. I think little changes like this can have a massive effect on society and the way we do things in the future.”

Andrew provides free fresh fruits, glass-bottled milk and cakes to his employees as an incentive to reduce plastic waste. 

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