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Costa Coffee to offer plant-based milk at no extra charge

Costa Coffee to offer plant-based milk at no extra charge
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Costa Coffee has announced that it has dropped its surcharge for plant-based milk for the festive season. 

The UK coffee giant already serves soy without any extra charge but will now include coconut and almond too in the price of the drink.

The chain said that form 1 November to 1 January 2020, customers could enjoy their drink with plant-based alternatives such as Alpro Almond, Alpro Coconut or Alpro Soya, or Arla Lactofree milk, without any extra charge.

It also hinted on including oat milk on its menu next year.

Costa Coffee to offer plant-based milk at no extra charge

Announcing the news on Twitter, the brand wrote: “Want another reason to be merry?

“We’re making our dairy alternative coconut, almond and soya completely free this Christmas. Enjoy.”

Customers drooled over the announcement with comments that read:

“That’s great news as I do love a coconut latte . Coconut latte for me this morning instead of soy it is then ☕️☕️.”

“YEASSSSSSSSS  now if you could add oat milk to the menu too that would be fabbie x”

“Yaaaaaass!! Soya was free anyway but I still stand by my yasssssss!!! I’ll definitely be making a trip to Costa so I can get me some almond milk drinks! Thank you ?”

Costa coffee does not retail any of the plant-based alternatives in its stores. They are specifically made for baristas allowing them to deliver the “perfect foam, froth and microbubbles to perfect Costa Coffee’s signature handcrafted drinks.”

Vegan Costa

Last month, Costa Coffee announced its Christmas menu, which includes plant-based items such as a vegetable and falafel sandwich, rocky road bar, Christmas cake, and an assortment of vegan-friendly specialty coffee drinks.

Which plant-based dairy do you like with your coffee? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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