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Costco now sells vegan JUST Egg in bulk

Vegan company JUST Egg has launched its plant-based egg replacement in Costco. 

The bulk sale chain will sell packages of 12-ounce bottles of the liquid egg product for $9.99 in 10 stores in California, and starting next week more locations in the Pacific Northwest will stock the egg replacement.

JUST Egg is made from mung beans and can be cooked to replicate scrambled egg. 

The mung beans gel together to give the texture of egg, and the liquid contains turmeric to give it a golden colour. 

Just says the product is versatile and can be used on toast, in noodle dishes, waffles omelettes or quiches. 

Costco has added many vegan products in recent times, including vegan Organic Veggie Burgers and Organic Veggie Bites from Don Lee Farms. The burger sold 1 million units in just 60 days.

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Published by Oli Gross

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