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Dairy Queen launches its first vegan ice cream bars

Dairy Queen launches its first vegan ice cream bars
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Dairy Queen has released non-dairy Dilly Bars made with a coconut cream base dipped in chocolate-flavored coating at select locations in the US.

Dairy Queen’s has just released a non-dairy, gluten free Dilly Bar.

The dairy- free Dilly Bar made with coconut cream and a chocolate-flavored coating is a vegan twist of the brand’s classic ice cream, which PETA describes as “typically made with milk that’s been stolen from cows.”

While exact locations have not been released, two stores in Louisiana appear to have stocked the bars.

Dilly bar fans have also spotted the new dessert on a menu in Las Vegas labeled “coming soon.” Houston, TX; Bloomington, MN; Las Vegas NV; and New York, NY are also expected to get the bars in stores soon.

The new dairy-free frozen treat announcement comes after animal charity PETA campaigned for vegan options for years.

 “After years of offering treats made with cruelly obtained cow’s milk, Dairy Queen is finally embracing a delicious dairy-free dessert,” said PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

“PETA thanks the company for adding this vegan option and looks forward to seeing it hit the spot with kind customers”

Vegan ice creams

Dairy Queen joins several other brands that have recently launched vegan ice creams and desserts in an effort to provide options for customers demanding more vegan and dairy-free alternatives.

Last month, Magnum launched vegan sea salt caramel ice cream in the US while artisan ice cream company Owowcow launched its new OWOW(NO)COW Vegan Ice Cream line with 3 flavors, which include Vegan vanilla salted caramel, I hate vegan chocolate and Vegan golden milk in its Easton store.

Around the same time, Oatly- the Swedish dairy free brand launched its New Strawberry Oatly Ice Cream at Tesco stores in the UK. It also recently added vanilla to the vegan range

This month, ice-cream brand Booja-Booja added two new vegan flavors– ‘Heavens on Earth’ and ‘Honeycomb Caramel’ to its growing dairy-free range, which the company has been making since 2007.

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