Comedian Dave Hughes says vegan diet is a ‘miracle’ and 'really good' for his body | Totally Vegan Buzz

Comedian Dave Hughes says vegan diet is a ‘miracle’ and ‘really good’ for his body

Comedian Dave Hughes says ‘miracle’ vegan diet is 'really good' for his body_TotallyVeganBuzz
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The 50-year-old Australian comedian says: “I’m shocked by how good my body is at the moment.”

Comedian Dave Hughes says going vegan has made ‘miracle’ changes to his body.

The celebrity made the comments in an interview with Body and Soul.

The 50-year-old ditched animal products back in October 2019 after watching the pro-vegan documentary The Game Changers on Netflix.

Praising the diet in the interview, Hughes said: “I’ve found [the vegan diet] really good.”

“Apart from all the ethical considerations and it being better for the environment, it’s also better for my body.”

The host of Hughesy, We Have A Problem Dave Hughes added that he just turned 50, but can run daily without getting tired and sore.

“It’s actually a miracle – I’m going to call it a miracle! I’m running 5km in just over 20 minutes,” he further added.

“I’m shocked by how good my body is at the moment.

“I woke up stiff and sore for 15 bloody years, I reckon.

“Now I can go down the stairs in the morning without going sideways – I go front ways because I’m not sore at all.”

‘Vegans make better lovers’

This isn’t the first time Hughes has praised the plant-based lifestyle.

Last year, speaking on his radio show Hughesy and Ed, he declared: “Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom.”

“There we go. I’m claiming it,” he added.

This claim was further endorsed by Pamela Anderson, who in a Twitter thread wrote: “Vegans make better lovers.”

An insider recently told the Mirror that the 53-year-old actor was feeding new husband Dan Hayhurst plant-based sausages, smoothies, and Buddha bowls which have helped Hayhurst feel like a new man and spice up their sex life.

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