Dodgy dog breeders fetching £40,000 for ‘Frankenstein puppies’ created in amateur labs


The hybrid breeds are being created in unregulated fertility clinics and experts fear the new breeds will suffer poor health throughout their often-short lives.

Greedy dog breeders have been illegally carrying out procedures to create Frankenstein puppies for pedigree dog lovers.

According to an investigation by the Sunday Mail, new breeds — like hairless and fluffy bulldogs — are being developed in unregulated fertility clinics, across Scotland.

The other breed being created is described as “hairless French bulldog”.

An unquenchable thirst for pedigree puppies, pegs the price of each puppy to anywhere between £30,000 – £40,000.

The racket is being led by unscrupulous traders, who are taking advantage of the reluctance of registered vets to do fertility work.

The Sunday team found more than 60 dog fertility clinics located everywhere from Inverness to Kent but the true number would definitely be more.

These clinics openly advertise their illegal services on social media such as advanced artificial insemination procedures which should be carried out only by a vet.

Some even offer their services to breeds such as bulldogs which struggle to reproduce due to genetic issues.

Other clinics are seen engaging in illegal activities such as carrying out blood work to assess when female dogs are most likely to fall pregnant.

They offer human hormone medicines – often bought online – in an effort to speed up recovery for a new mum who has just had a litter of puppies so they become pregnant again.


Leading TV vet Dr Pete Wedderburn, said: “The rise of these clinics is a scandal.

“It is being driven by proper vets being reluctant to do the work. The reasons are ethical – a licensed vet would never get involved in breeding dogs that will suffer in their lives.

“That has led to a vacuum where these unregulated clinics have sprung up.”

Veterinarians also warn the new breeds will suffer poor health throughout their often-short lives.

A wildlife crime source said: ““These clinics are springing up in every town and city.

“But these are just people out to make a fast buck.

“They have no qualifications and no cares about the well-being of the strange dogs they are creating.”

Legal action

While a number of these clinics are facing criminal charges, many are under the radar.

BVA president Justine Shotton said: “We’re deeply concerned about reports of dog fertility clinics advertising veterinary procedures without the oversight of a vet.

“These procedures must always be carried out under the advice and care of a vet in the interests of dog health and welfare, and it is illegal to do so otherwise.”

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