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Domino’s launches plant-based Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas

Domino's launches plant-based Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas
Image: Dominos

Pizza giant Domino’s is making strides into the vegan market with the launch of a vegan pizza range including plant-based Hawaiian, pepperoni, ham and cheese and supreme. 

The leading takeaway pizza company has debuted an extended vegan range in Australia following the success of a plant-based beef range.

The meatless beef was used in beef and onion, beef loaded burger and beef taco fiesta pizzas, and the popularity of the launch has convinced Domino’s bosses to create vegan versions of many other top pizza styles.

Domino's launches plant-based Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas
Image: Dominos

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said in a statement: “Now vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike can enjoy some of our most popular menu items.

“We’ve been delighted to hear that it’s not just customers who avoid animal-based products enjoying our plant-based range, but also those with specific health, religious, allergen and dietary requirements.

“We are proud of our new plant-based toppings, which are made in Australia specially for Domino’s, and are just as tasty and affordable as the real deal.”

The plant-based Vegan Taco Fiesta won the Best Vegan Pizza in Australia at PETA’s Vegan Food Awards this year. 

Domino's launches plant-based Hawaiian and pepperoni pizzas
Image: Dominos


Demand for plant-based pizzas has soared across the world in recent years as more customers ditch meat and dairy. 

In the UK, Pizza Hut recently added an extensive selection of vegan pizzas to its menu alongside plant-based chicken nuggets and vegan cheesecake. 

But new vegan options at takeaway restaurants can lead to problems. This month one vegan Domino’s customer was left furious after discovering a vegan pizza actually contained cow meat and dairy cheese.

Which chain offers the best vegan pizza? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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