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Breaking: EU Parliament rejects controversial ‘dairy ban’ against vegan producers

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“Plant-based dairy censorship is off the table. This is a huge victory for the planet and the plant-based sector alike.”

EU has dropped plans to impose further restrictions on plant-based dairy products.

According to Good Food Institute (GFI) – a nonprofit working to accelerate plant-based and cultivated proteins – the European Parliament has rejected Amendment 171, the so-called dairy ban, which, if passed, would have banned plant-based companies to sell their products in cartons, display allergen information, use images of their own products, and explain the environmental impact of food.

Proposals that wanted ‘dairy’ words such as ‘creamy’ or phrases like ‘alternative to’ on plant-based milks, yoghurts, cheese and butter to be banned have also been rejected.

However, earlier restrictions on the use of terms such as “milk” and “yogurt” are still applicable.

The move comes after a coalition of 21 environmental, consumer and animal welfare groups led by The Good Food Institute, signed an open letter to urge the EU to reject any action that could hamper the growth of emerging plant-based companies.

The plant-based dairy market is a burgeoning trend. Non-dairy milk and plant-based cheese both showed triple-digit sales growth between 2018 and 2020 and market research estimates the value of this market to more than double from £226 million to £497 million between 2019-2025.

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‘Nonsensical plan off the table’

Elena Walden, Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, said: “Finally, this nonsensical plan is off the table. While the existing restrictions on everyday language like ‘soy milk’ remain, it is reassuring that European leaders have listened to consumers.

“They have rejected further, extreme bans on environmental comparisons, essential allergen information, and milk cartons.

“This decision must signal the end of absurd labelling restrictions on plant-based foods across all levels of government in Europe. Instead of wasting time with pointless proposals, EU leaders should put their climate ambitions into action and support consumers to make more sustainable choices.

“Huge thanks to the 21 NGOs who campaigned alongside us to reject Amendment 171!”

‘Huge victory’

Leading international food awareness organization ProVeg also welcomed the news. Taking to Instagram, it wrote: “Europe has spoken: plant-based dairy censorship is off the table. This is a huge victory for the planet and the plant-based sector alike.

“Common sense has won out: you can’t ignore the voice of nearly half a million consumers! We couldn’t have done it without your support, you made this happen.”

‘Rise of the vegan movement’

Louise Davies, Head of Campaigns, Policy and Research at The Vegan Society added: “We are pleased with the European Parliament’s decision. Now is not the time to be restricting the plant-based business sector.”

“This was simply an attempt by the dairy industry to hold back the rise of the vegan movement and would have done absolutely nothing to support consumer understanding, instead it would have had a hugely negative impact on plant-based businesses, brands and manufacturers.”

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