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Fish and chips shop goes vegan due to owner’s ‘environmental concerns’

Fish and chips shop goes vegan due to owner’s ‘environmental concerns’
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A fish and chip restaurant has closed down and will reopen as a vegan company after the owners went on a fishing trip and realised the damage their business had on the environment. 

The Fish and The Chip, in Leicester, UK, opened in 2017 and served traditional fish and chips to customers. 

But the owners had a moment of realisation on a fishing trip which got them thinking about their impact on the planet. 

They placed a notice in the window of the restaurant and on the website which read: “Our fishing trip was great but turned out to be a bit of an eye-opener.

“We saw the impact pollution is having on the oceans and fish stocks and we are not comfortable running a restaurant that has an impact on our environment.”

Owner Aatkin Anadkat told the BBC he was worried about the declining number of fish in the ocean and the damage plastic has on marine life.

 “Effectively you’re serving your customers that and they’re consuming it,” he said.

On why the business was closing down, he added: “There is more than one reason – as with most things – but I’ve learned along the way that if something doesn’t feel good, then you shouldn’t do it.

“We’re not going to be opening another site but we’re certainly in the plant-based food business and it’s a nice place to be.”

A spokeswoman for The Vegan Society said in a statement: “The number of vegans has quadrupled in the last four years and there are also increasing numbers of consumers looking for a more sustainable and compassionate diet who are keen to try more vegan food.

“This is the perfect moment for this business to move to being a full-time vegan one.”

What do you think of the fish and chip shop owner’s decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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