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Flora puts dairy back into Flora Buttery recipe

Flora puts dairy back into Flora Buttery recipe
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The plant-based giant has reintroduced the previous non-vegan version after shoppers said they missed “the familiar taste” of buttermilk in Flora Buttery.

Flora has reintroduced dairy to its Flora Buttery variant in a bid to offer choice to every consumer “looking for a product specifically tailored towards their needs”.

The spread’s new recipe, which will be rolled out this weekend amid a revamp across the Flora portfolio, now includes 10% buttermilk.

According to the plant-based giant, the recipe change has been implemented after “having listened to a significant number of consumers who miss the familiar taste of buttermilk in FLORA Buttery,” and are “seeking an alternative product.”

‘Still primarily plant-based’

The brand adds that barring the butter, its range still remains primarily vegan.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Flora wrote: “We understand some of our consumers are disappointed about our recent product changes to Flora Buttery. We would like to reassure you that the Flora range is still primarily plant-based.

“We remain 100% committed to developing plant-based foods whilst providing consumers with the best possible choice.”

It added that its recently launched Flora Plant spread is a perfect alternative to dairy butter. In addition, the vegan Flora Original and Flora Light recipes have been now enhanced to offer more benefits.

‘Such a step backwards’

Understandably, the decision has angered many loyal customers, who slammed the brand for taking such a step despite claiming to be committed to making plant-based foods.

One Instagram user wrote: “I’m so disappointed in this!! Flora buttery is the only spread that I have liked in so long I’m so upset that you have chosen to change the recipe. There are hundreds of types of butters for people who want to eat dairy, we have a very limited range.

“This could also prove dangerous to people who haven’t seen the updates and don’t read the ingredients and have allergies. You can’t just advertise as plant based for months then suddenly add in dairy again!!”

Another added: “The plant blocks are not available in every supermarket and are harder to spread. Dairy consumers have a huge variety of butters to choose from, we do not. The buttery is the best out of the 3 tubs.”

“This is such a shame. Of all your products, the flora buttery is the only one my partner and I agree on. We’re now left having to go to another brand due to dairy allergies. Such a step backwards,” wrote a third.

A petition launched to urge Upfield, the makers of Flora products, to keep Flora Buttery dairy-free has already garnered over 5000 signatures in just 16 hours.

Click here to sign the petition.

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