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Fossil debuts cactus leather totes and solar-powered watch for earth month
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Alongside its new eco-friendly tote bag, Fossil is also releasing a limited-edition solar watch is in celebration of Earth Month and as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

This week, classic accessory brand Fossil launched a “pro-planet tote bag collection” made from cactus leather.

The new collection is in celebration of Earth Month and as part of the  American company’s continued commitment to sustainability,

The brand collaborated with Mexico-based start-up Desserto for its Kier cactus leather totes collection. The company creates sustainable, vegan leather from organically grown cactus leaves.

Each stunning brand-new Kier tote saves 7.5 liters of water – the equivalent of fifteen 500 milliliter water bottles since cactus plants require only rainwater and earth minerals for growth.  

The harvested leaves are simply dried in the sun for three to six days removing any additional energy source for the drying process.

Since the trunk of each cactus is left intact, the leaves regenerate every six to eight months thus enabling repeat harvesting.

“Many of our customers are looking to make more sustainable changes in their day-to-day life and in their fashion choices,” a Fossil spokesperson said.

“We were excited, to find a vegan alternative that is still relatively new to the fashion industry: cactus leather.

“We were not only excited by the versatility and luxurious feel of the material itself, but also the incredible process by which it’s made.”

Sustainable and cost-effective

According to the brand, the vegan leather Kier tote is also less expensive as compared to if it was created in regular leather.

“If the Kier tote was created in regular leather, it would actually cost more,” Fossil states on its website.

“We make Cactus Leather products cost-competitive to ensure that pro-planet alternatives are accessible to all of our customers.

“Furthermore, we manage the product lifecycle to promote its continuity — utilizing evergreen colorways and excluding from promotions — to promote slow fashion and reduce waste.”

The all-season totes come in four colours: moss, wine, black, and brown and retail for £279 each.

Following Fossil’s 2019 commitment to sustainability, the brand aims to incorporate cactus leather and leather alternatives into future designs including men’s cactus leather items, which launch this fall.

 Limited-edition solar watch

Fossil is also launching the second iteration of its limited-edition Solar Watch, on Earth Day.

The World-Timer features a solar-powered movement with a rechargeable battery. It can reach a full charge after eight hours in the sun, which can last for up to three months.

The new LE Solar Watch combines functionality with environmentally friendly features. It includes a compass, stopwatch, alarm, timer, and a world clock so users can access local time in 49 cities across the globe.

The 42mm watch case is made with castor oil while the strap is made using recycled plastic bottles and available in five colours.

Fossil has also partnered with EcoMatcher to plant a tree in honour of each person who purchases the Solar Watch.

The limited-edition watch costs £149 and will go on sale on 22 April.

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