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Freya Cox is ‘rocking’ in the second week of GBBO
Image: @britishbakeoff / Instagram

Round two in the tent tested the contestants with biscuits.

The second episode of The Great British Bake Off 2021 is out and Freya is frosting her place in the hearts of viewers, who can’t get enough of this North Yorkshire’s bakes and banter.

During biscuit week, the contestants  were tasked with three challenges to test their skills.

First up, the bakers produced 24 brandy snaps also called lace biscuits, followed by a “sandwiched jammy biscuit” technical and a showstopper that required them to make a biscuit drawing inspiration from the interactive toys they played with in their childhood.

Freya made her brandy snaps  with cappuccino,  coffee liqueur and espresso powder. Hollywood told Freya she had ‘a little too much coffee’ in her brandy snaps after she revealed she added eight tablespoons of espresso  in her bake.

While Freya’s ‘cappucinnuhhh’ earned her a ‘decent’ review, viewers took a shine to her Yorkshire twang.

“Loving Freya’s East Yorkshire take on Cappuccino. Wish I could describe the phonetics for that ending,” wrote one user. (We tried too!)

“Cappuccin-errr! Yes! We were commenting on it too,” added another.

Meanwhile, judges found Freya’s jammie dodgers a little inconsistent,  with too much jam and too sweet. But, she still managed to bag the 3rd spot in the technical challenge.

In the showstopper round, Freya made a rocking horse called “Winnie” – a replica of her favourite  childhood  toy.

Judges said the construction  and taste were really good although the biscuit turned out to be a little soft.

While fellow contestant Jürgen aced the challenges for the second week in a row, Freya also sailed through with flying colours.

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