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Global Food group acquires LIVEKINDLY media to expand reach and further the plant-based movement

Global Food group acquires LIVEKINDLY media to expand reach and further the plant-based movement
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LIVEKINDLY has now been acquired by the newly formed The LIVEKINDLY co. (TLKC) – a collective of like-minded companies committed to transforming our global food system.

The LIVEKINDLY co.(formerly Foods United) is a new platform launched by food industry giants committed ‘to changing the future of food through the creation of delicious plant-based products, without the need for animals or the depletion of natural resources’.

TLKC raised 200 million dollars through a “founders’ round” and has so far bought vegan meat producers – Like Meat and The Fry Family Food Co; purchased an equity stake in pea protein giant Puris; and acquired LIVEKINDLY Media- the fastest-growing plant-based media publisher.

The new team at TLKC boast of highly proficient leadership. Roger Lienhard is the founder of He also founded food tech investment firm Blue Horizon, and will serve on LiveKindly’s board of directors. Mick Van Ettinger is the Chief Marketing Officer (formerly Unilever), and Aldo Uva, the COO and Chief R&D Officer (formerly Nestlé, Firmenich and Ferrero).

Other imminent players include Kees Kruythoff as Chairman & CEO (former President of Unilever North America); and Jodi Monelle, the CEO and Founder of LIVEKINDLY Media.

“It started with bringing together like-minded founders who share a vision for smarter, sustainable living, and allows the food industry to better align around the evolving values of consumers who are focused on climate change, animal welfare, and human health,” said Lienhard.

Plant-based food for humanity

Brands under the portfolio will now work synergistically by pooling resources, expertise, innovative product launches and branding to make plant-based food reach a wider audience, and make it more accessible and desirable around the globe.

 “We call it plant-based food for humanity because that is obviously where the big shift needs to happen,” said Kruythoff.

“Why are we different and why is it so unique? … We are a global business from the start. We really think about how we can be a global plant-based food business.” 


LIVEKINDLY media division will continue to operate independently to spread awareness and “further drive conversation around the global shift to a plant-based diet and compassionate living, featuring industry-relevant news and brands”.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my team and all the people who have played a part in getting us to this point,” said Monelle.

“And I couldn’t be more honored to be supported by a mission-aligned collective of plant-based brands ready to transform our broken food system. We are making a difference. We are making a kinder world. For each other, our planet, and those who share it with us.”

 “The LIVEKINDLY team has built an incredible news platform in less than three years; it’s an exceptional feat,” said Lienhard.

“To scale with speed and integrity requires a collective of mission-aligned people, and I’m thrilled to have this all-star team join us for the journey.”

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