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Good Hemp launches oat- hemp milk combo ‘that never ever splits’


The new dairy-free milk is available now from upmarket supermarket Waitrose.

Plant-based food brand, Good Hemp has launched a new Oat + Hemp combo milk to its dairy-free line-up, according to Vegan Food UK.

The food account launched a photo of the new drink on Instagram with a caption that reads: “We are talking sweet, creamy oat milk balanced with light, nutty hemp – and they say it NEVER EVER SPLITS.

It added that the milk contains only naturally occurring sugars and does not have “an overpowering taste.”

The new milk-free variant is available in Waitrose now and Morrisons in January.

‘So delicious’

Fans flocked to the account to express their excitement over the new announcement.

“Oat and hemp! Wow, things are getting REAL,” wrote one user.

“Sounds so delicious!,” added another.

“Oh myyy,  i need this in my life now,” commented a third.

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