Gordon Ramsay Tells Piers Morgan To ‘Go F*** Yourself’ In Response To Vegan Roast Criticism

Gordon Ramsay has told Piers Morgan to ‘Go f*** yourself’ on live television after the Good Morning Britain presenter said the chef’s vegan roast looked ‘revolting’.

Gordon Ramsay told Piers Morgan to ‘Go f*** yourself’. Image courtesy of Flikr

Ramsay appeared on Saturday Night Live, hosted by fellow Brit James Corden, and the presenter showed viewers the chef’s new vegan option.

“Your restaurant in London, the Bread Street Kitchen, you’ve started this – you’ve started a vegan roast dinner,” Corden said.

“And then Piers Morgan replied ‘Oh for F*** sake Ramsay, not you as well, this looks utterly revolting’. 

Corden continued: “I actually think it looks pretty good. What do you say to this, to Piers’ critique?”

Ramsay hadn’t risen to Morgan’s predictable bait on Twitter, but in front of the cameras he addressed the vegan-hater directly.

Ramsay responded: “So Piers Morgan is now a food critic? Go and f*** yourself. Seriously? Really? Seriously? Honestly?”


Ramsay has not always been an advocate of veganism or even adapted his cooking to a vegan diet.

He once famously said he was part of PETA – ‘People Eating Tasty Animals’, and in 2005 when veganism was a blip on the radar compared to today, Ramsay hit the headlines when he tricked a vegetarian into eat meat.

But the chef has noted the error of his ways in the face of a drastically changing market.

“Here’s the thing… with moving trends, I mean veganism is on the rise so we’ve got to adapt and…we just have to…yeah…eat a slice of humble pie on that one,” Ramsay added.

Bread Street Kitchen in London also introduced a vegan menu to its offer as part of Veganuary, while Ramsay recently added the Impossible Burger to his restaurant in Singapore.

What do you think of Ramsay’s response to Piers Morgan? Tell us in the comments section below!

Featured image courtesy of Flikr

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