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California's groundbreaking ban on cosmetics tested on animals
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Hawaii will soon join California, Illinois, Nevada, Virginia, and Maryland in passing legislation that bans animal testing for cosmetics.

Hawaii is set to become the latest US state to ban cosmetic animal testing.

On 30th April, the Hawaii Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act (HCFCA) passed its final vote in the state legislature.

Once signed by Governor David Ige, the new bill will stop cosmetic manufacturers from selling any cosmetic product involving new animal testing from 1st January 2022.

The move will make Hawaii the sixth state to ban cosmetic animal testing following in the footsteps of California, Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, and Maryland.

However, this isn’t the first time Hawaii has considered banning animal testing. Senator Mike Gabbard first introduced it in 2018 making it one of the first states to consider legislation of this kind.

The bill has been re-introduced each year since, and this year, it was joined by House Majority leader, Representative Della Au Belatti’s companion bill in the House.

Cruelty-free demand

“People in Hawai’i and across the nation care about animals and are increasingly looking for cosmetic products that are cruelty-free,” Gabbard said in a statement.

“By moving forward with this legislation, we are doing the right thing without sacrificing the necessary product testing needed to protect human health.”

Over 40 countries worldwide have already banned the sale of new animal tested cosmetics.

China to ditch animal testing on most imported cosmetics this May
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‘Positive change is possible’

The news has been applauded by several organizations including Cruelty Free International.

“Non-animal testing methods are more effective, humane, and human-relevant,” Monica Engebretson, the organization’s Head of Public Affairs in North America, said.

“Not only do companies have modern tests at their disposal, they also have thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients with histories of safe use and existing safety data that can be used without more tests.

“Hundreds of successful cosmetics companies of all sizes now rely on non-animal testing methods.”

CFI also thanked Senator Gabbard and Representative Belatti for their efforts in making Hawaii one of the first cruelty free cosmetic zones in the US.

“Our success in ending animal tests in other countries and states proves that positive change is possible and creates momentum for passage of the federal Humane Cosmetics Act,” Engebretson added.

Vegan cosmetics market

The demand for cruelty-free cosmetics has dramatically soared in recent years. According to previous reports, health and safety concerns along with growing consumer awareness on animal testing are the market’s key drivers.

Another report by research firm MarketGlass suggests that the global vegan cosmetics market will cross $21 billion by the year 2027.

It estimates that the industry, currently worth a whopping $15.1 billion, will grow at a CAGR of 5.1% over the next seven years.

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