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House of Fraser backtracks on decision to start selling fur following ‘tsunami of public protest’, fox fur farm from Humane Society International
Image Credit: Humane Society International

House of Fraser has made a dramatic U-turn on its decision to reintroduce animal fur products following furious backlash from campaigners.

The business banned fur over a decade ago, explaining its customers were against the animal product on ethical grounds, and the company has seen a ‘tsunami of public protest’ since it reintroduced fur. 

Humane Society International led the condemnation of the company, and #FurFreeBritain campaigners confirmed to Totally Vegan Buzz that real fur items have been removed from the company’s website.

In addition, store managers at the company’s flagship Oxford Street site told campaigners that there is no real fur available on the shop floor at any House of Fraser sites nationwide.


The move comes just ten days after HSI discovered the retailer was stocking animal fur and launched a campaign calling House of Fraser to reverse the decision.

Two abused mink in a dirty cage from an investigation at a Finnish Fur Farm
Image Credit: Humane Society International

Claire Bass, UK Executive Director of Humane Society International said: “We are delighted to see that cruel animal fur products have been removed from House of Fraser’s website and stores nationwide. 

Two fox cubs in a cage waiting to be killed for their fur. Photos taken on two fur farms in Finland as part of an investigation into the cruelty of fur farming with TOWIE's Pete Wicks, Humane Society International, and Finnish animal protection organisation Oikeutta Elaimille
Image Credit: Humane Society International

“HoF’s new CEO Mike Ashley has been hit by a  tsunami of public protest, with thousands of messages from shoppers shocked and appalled to see this respected high street store turned into a House of Horrors, selling fur from factory-farmed rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs as well as coyotes trapped and shot in the wild. British shoppers have sent the message loud and clear that fur is bad for business, and has no place on the British high street. 

Two abused mink in a dirty cage from an investigation at a Finnish Fur Farm
Image Credit: Humane Society International

“We urge House of Fraser to publicly reinstate and uphold its long-standing fur-free policy.”

House of Horrors

House of Fraser was dubbed ‘House of Horrors’ by HSI for ditching its long-held fur-free policy. 

Jackets made by Parajumpers, Pyrenex and Mackage using fur from wild-trapped coyote, as well as fur factory farmed rabbit and raccoon dog from China, and raccoon dog and fox from Finland, went on sale in store and online for the first time since House of Fraser first banned all fur over a decade ago, HSI explained. 

On November 12 House of Fraser confirmed to HSI/UK that its policy had changed following the company’s takeover by Sports Direct. On the same day HSI/UK wrote to CEO Mike Ashley to asking for an urgent meeting.


The UK banned fur farming in 2000 on ethical grounds, but since then has allowed imports of more than £820 million worth of fur from overseas, including Finland and China, HSI estimates. 

Bass continued: “The public response to House of Fraser’s misjudged fur experiment should leave political parties in no doubt that pledges to end the UK fur trade would be a popular policy with voters. 

“We encourage all parties and prospective parliamentary candidates to state their commitment to a UK fur sales ban in the next parliamentary term.”

Sign HSI’s petition calling for the UK government to ban UK fur sales here

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