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‘Huge drugs bust’ at Gatwick Airport was actually vegan cake ingredients

'Huge drugs bust' at Gatwick Airport was actually vegan cake ingredients
Image: @BTPSussex

Vegan chefs be warned: You might want to label your ingredients and even bring samples if you don’t want to be arrested the next time you head through the airport.

BTP Sussex (British Transport Police) have issued a warning after a mix-up led them to believe they had discovered a ‘huge drugs bust’ at Gatwick Airport, UK.

Authorities were called to examine an unattended bag with a number of smaller packets – thought to be drugs – in a first class train compartment at Gatwick Airport.

What it actually turned out to be were packets of vegan cake ingredients.

BTP Sussex tweeted: “Huge drugs bust at Gatwick airport. In collaboration with @ukhomeoffice powders tested and discovered to be vegan cake ingredients.”

A spokesman for the British Transport Police clarified: “We received a report at 1.34pm.

“Cleaners found a bag contained many bags [of what appeared to be drugs] in the first class compartment of a train.

“Obviously it was tested and found to be fine.”

What’s the strangest vegan mixup you’ve experienced? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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