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Ireland first totally vegan supermarket has arrived

Ireland's first totally vegan supermarket has arrived
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Ireland’s first ever 100% vegan supermarket has launched in Dublin to cater for a rapidly growing market.

Veganic has opened its doors in St Stephen’s Green to make plant-based shopping easier while allowing customers to put their cash towards a fully vegan company.

The company was launched by a team who explained: “We are organic enthusiast’s, vegans, flexitarians, zero waste practitioners and omnivores working to reduce their meat consumption.”

Though everything at the shop is vegan, the shop encourages all consumers to visit, particularly ‘anyone with an interest in quality food’.

The store is looking to capitalize on the rapid rise of veganism and claims to be Ireland’s first and only 100 percent plant-based and 100 percent organic supermarket.

It has an impressive range of products, including vegan chicken, ground beef, sausage, bacon, steak, fish and many more organic vegetable-based equivalents.

The store features dairy alternatives such as non-dairy milk, cheese, and yogurt; organic plant-based cosmetics; organic cleaning products; and a zero-waste section with dispensers that help reduce plastic usage.

“Like wider society at Veganic we are a mixed group of people. What we all have in common is that we want to help people eat in a more sustainable and healthy manner. Positive for the person and positive for the living environment around us. If you take your well being and the environment seriously then Veganic is the place for you,” quotes the team on the company’s website. 

Would you prefer to shop at exclusively vegan shops? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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