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Jane Goodall warns 'humanity is finished'
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‘If we do not do things differently, we are finished’

At a recent webinar hosted by advocacy organization Compassion in World Farming on ‘pandemics, wildlife and intensive animal farming’, Jane Goodall said humanity could soon be wiped out unless we altered our food habits and stopped wrecking natural habitats.

The leading primatologist touched upon several topics such as pressing environmental concerns, the corona pandemic and how the world must improvise to survive.

“If we do not do things differently, we are finished,” said Goodall.

“We can’t go on very much longer like this.”

According to the renowned naturalist, the current pandemic, which has now killed over 406,207 people, originated as a result of humans over-exploiting the natural world including razing forests, destroying natural habitats and abusing animals.

Addressing  over 1300 participants, The Guardian reported Goodall saying: “We have brought this on ourselves because of our absolute disrespect for animals and the environment”

“Our disrespect for wild animals and our disrespect for farmed animals has created this situation where disease can spill over to infect human beings.”

‘End factory farming’

The environmentalist called for an end to factory farming because it not only led to animal suffering, but also habitat destruction, emergence of antibiotic resistant infections, and the climate crisis. She added that our diets needed to change for our future, the animals and the planet.

Jane Goodall
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“We have come to a turning point in our relationship with the natural world,” the 86 year old declared.

“One of the lessons learnt from this crisis is that we must change our ways. Scientists warn that to avoid future crises, we must drastically change our diets and move to plant-rich foods. For the sake of the animals, planet and the health of our children.”

 Dr Goodall’s comments follow a letter signed by over 200 NHS doctors and staff members urging the UK government to implement stricter measures in response to COVID-19 related data.

Last month, 300 leading UK doctors joined hands with No Meat May, a campaign that urges people to go meatless for 31 days to improve health, end factory farming and save the planet.

‘Ticking time bomb’

 Dr Newman, popularly known as the Plant Powered Doctor said in a statement at the time: “All of the recent major disease outbreaks have been caused by tampering with animals, (and) our chicken salad and pepperoni pizza could be the next big health risk.

“Zoonotic diseases like these infect 2.5 billion people each year.”

She added: “Antibiotic resistance would end the age of medical progress, returning us to a time when minor injuries and routine operations could be fatal.

“The inconvenient truth is that factory farms put a strain on animal health, which means we treat them with antibiotics and small doses end up in your meal.

“Our industrial scale poultry farms are like a ticking time bomb.”

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