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Luxury jewellery company creates world's first vegan certified diamonds
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Aether diamonds are the world’s first and only carbon-negative diamonds made from 100% atmospheric gases using sustainably sourced energy.

A luxury jewellery brand has become the first in the world to receive a vegan certification for its positive-impact diamonds. 

Last month, Aether was granted accreditation by Vegan Action, one of the leading vegan certification organizations in the world.  Vegan Action has over 20 years in operation and is the most trusted and best-recognized vegan logo in North America.

Aether diamonds

Aether was founded in 2018 with a mission to extracts harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into valuable raw materials and consumer products.

The company unveiled the world’s first and only carbon-negative diamonds made from 100% atmospheric gases in December 2020 using sustainably sourced energy.

According to Aether, its carbon-negative diamonds result in a positive impact on the planet when compared to mined diamonds, which destroy ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Lab-grown diamonds on the market are also reliant on fossil fuels as their source of carbon, which leads to drilling, fracking and furthering the environmental and wildlife destruction associated with it.

‘Company of firsts’

 “We’re proud to be a company of firsts. The world’s first positive-impact diamonds. The first diamonds ever made from air. The first diamonds to remove harmful pollution from the atmosphere.  And now the world’s first certified vegan diamonds,” Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether said.

 “We’ve introduced an industry-changing concept with Aether that will define the future of fine jewellery.”

Aether aims to extract 100 million tonnes of CO2 from the air over the next ten years.

It believes that its first-of-its-kind innovation will also help correct the existing shortcomings of the diamond industry and deliver to consumers a truly sustainable option for diamond jewellery.

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