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An acne ridden health and fitness coach has revealed that going vegan has cleared his complexion and helped improve his overall health.

Jon Venus, 28, turned to veganism after watching a ‘shocking’ documentary on the agriculture industry.

He has been a vegan for the past five years and has been dubbed one of the ‘world’s hottest vegans’ with over 222000 Instagram followers, who follow him documenting his lifestyle while he continues to promote the numerous benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

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?From Steaks to Grapes? Its been 5 years since I ate a steak, which is CRAZY considering it was my favourite food? I never thought I would want to go vegan, but once I experienced the benefits, it made sense to me on many levels..
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In a recent post he shared a throwback picture of him tucking into a medium-rare steak while his face was covered with pus-filled cysts. In his comparison after picture, Venus sports a clear complexion with no tell tale signs of his acne.

Captioning the image: “From Steaks to Grapes,” he wrote that ditching meat five years ago, he never thought he would go vegan. But after experiencing the benefits, which include more energy, strength, and stamina, a stronger immune system and better digestion, he can’t stop raving about the virtues of a plant-based diet.

His complexion has also dramatically improved, another benefit he reaped after going vegan.

His transformation drew several likes and comments from his fans.

 “The same things happened for my skin ?,” wrote one user.

Another commented, “Your skin is glowing now!”

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Uninspired VS On a Mission??? The most underestimated aspect of success, is the big WHY✊? On the left, I lived for the weekend, always wanting to achieve greatness, but had no plan or reason to progress?? The highlight of my weeks was smoking & drinking with my friends & playing FIFA? ??Now, I feel like I can do anything, because I have a strong mission that is greater than my personal pleasure – for me, that is getting people to live a healthier & more conscious life✌?? ?If you have a strong why, and a plan to achieve your fitness, health or financial goals, there is NO reason you can't make it a reality?? If you are like me on the left, wanting to do good but confused, focus on knowing yourself on the deepest level and meditate to find what gets you going… ?Because no matter how dark of a place you think you're in, all it takes is a shift in mindset & consistency to change you life around?? P.S If you need a coach OR custom meal & workout plans, click the link in my bio??

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Plant-food benefits

Several studies have highlighted that eating plant-based foods keeps your heart healthy, improves brain functions, boosts energy, strength and stamina, improves gut health, reduces weight, and makes your skin look brighter and healthier.

According to research, a plant-based diet is devoid of hormone simulators found in dairy and meat, as cows are routinely pumped with steroids for maximum output. These artificial hormones lead to an imbalance in the body potentially leading to breakouts.

In addition, plant foods are rich in fibre that helps mobilize the contents of the gut and also help optimizing the digestion process. This helps to clean the body of toxins, fats and waste thereby improving the skin tone.

In a similar story reported by Daily Mail, bodybuilder Brian Turne revealed how ditching meat and dairy helped him overcome his acne after a heavy duty anti-acne drug couldn’t solve his problems.

In his Instagram video, he said: “If you have acne…drop all dairy out of your diet, drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat at least 10 to 16 servings of vegetables a day.

“If you do those two things I guarantee that you will see some difference in your skin.”

What benefits have you observed with a plant-based diet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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