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Kamala Harris reveals she is ‘dabbling’ in veganism, visits vegan taco restaurant in Las Vegas

Kamala Harris’ ancestral village gets vegan goodies to celebrate inauguration
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Vice President Kamala Harris, who is ‘dabbling in veganism’, sampled vegan tacos at vegan Las Vegas restaurant Tacotarian following a recommendation from Senator Cory Booker.

VP Kamala Harris is reportedly ‘dabbling in veganism’ and recently visited a vegan taco restaurant to sample their food.

The politician dropped into Las Vegas vegan restaurant Tacotarian along with Second Gentleman of the US Doug Emhoff.

According to reports, the Vice President made an unscheduled stop at the restaurant as she was in town as part of a cross-country tour to raise awareness about the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Since Las Vegas is one of the hardest-hit cities from the pandemic, the city was the first stop on the politician’s “Hope is Here” tour.

 At the restaurant, Harris ordered two mushroom asada tacos, two super tacos, and two carne asada tacos. The staff completed the meal by throwing in some ‘desserts for free’.

Harris came to the restaurant after learning about the place from her friend and colleague Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) – a Tacotarian regular.


Taking to Instagram, Tacotarian wrote: “We were just sitting there and someone came up and said ‘hey I’m from the Whitehouse and the Vice President is on her way here’.

“Thank you so much for stopping in today and for being so kind in talking with us, our staff, and our customers.”

Tacotarian co-owner Kristen Corral revealed that the VP was kind and genuinely interested in chatting with everyone.

Corral added that Harris informed the ones present that she is ‘dabbling with veganism and only eating meat after 6 pm’.

Thanking Senator Cory Booker for supporting their taco eatery and giving the VP the recommendation, Tacotarian further said: “We’ve been so lucky in our journey thus far and we can’t wait to see what our future holds.

Kamala Harris’ stance on meat

While Harris is trying to follow a more plant-focused diet, she has already faced pressure to promote plant-based diets in order to tackle food insecurity, chronic diseases, racial and gender-oriented structural inequality, and climate crisis.

At a CNN town hall back in 2019, Harris, who has been encouraging Americans to reduce their consumption of meat, was asked whether she would support adjusting the dietary guidelines to reduce the amount of red meat.

Harris replied: “I love cheeseburgers from time to time, I just do. But [we must also consider] what we do in terms of creating incentives that we will eat in a healthy way, that we will encourage moderation, and that we will be educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment.

 “We have to do a much better job with that and the government has to do a much better job with that.”

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