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Kim Kardashian tells 200 million followers she has 'officially converted' 3 family members to vegan eating
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The reality TV star says KitKat has always been her ‘favourite candy’.

Reality TV giant Kim Kardashian has plugged Nestlé’s new vegan KitKat to her 229 million followers.

The fashion mogul, who has been showcasing her journey to a more plant-based diet on social media throughout the years, shared a series of stories after receiving ‘personalized KimKats’ from the brand.

“Do you guys even know what this is … if anyone knows me, they know my favourite candy is KitKat,” the 40-year-old exclaimed as she went about unboxing her package.

Kim received her own personalized version titled ‘KimKat’ with a note that read: “We loved how excited you were for KitKat V so here’s your own personalized KimKat – so you can be the first to try!”

 She added: “You have no idea how happy this makes me.”

Vegan KitKat

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one excited about the new KitKat V.

Queen Star Brian May also celebrated the launch of the dairy-free chocolate, describing it as a ‘breakthrough’.

 “I’m just praying that the Vegan Kit Kat will magically taste like DARK Kit Kat, and not like a milky one. [I] don’t like milky chocolate,” he told his 2.8 million Instagram followers.

“If this is the case, it will hopefully edge me further in the direction of being a proper vegan, rather than just vegan-ish. If not, it’s back to those guilty feelings.

Nestlé controversy

Despite the global interest, the vegan KitKat has divided opinions online following its debut earlier this week.

“Vegans don’t eat Nestlé,” wrote one social media user.

 “Whilst being a vegan is good for plant and animals, buying Nestle products is not. . Would rather go without. Mot sure this is something to celebrate in all honesty given their track record,” added another.

However, KitKat lovers were super eager to try the vegan version.

One user commented: “This is why I was glad to hear about the vegan Kit Kat- even though I hate Nestlé. Even the most simplest of things can make a big impact. The only reason I finally stopped eating meat was the Qdoba impossible beef bowl inspiring me to do so ”

Another added: “More and more products and brands are welcome we need to keep pushing and fighting, vegan options are taking over.”

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