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New lab tests to help vegans track health and nutrient deficiency levels in blood

New lab tests to help vegans track health
Image: Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay has developed a range of full lab blood tests to help vegans monitor their nutritional levels. has created a full lab testing panel to specifically cater to people who stay away from meat and its associated products.

According to the lab testing company, most people meet their vitamins and minerals levels through meat and dairy, but since vegans eliminate these food sources, it is important to ascertain whether their diets include all crucial micronutrients.

“There are numerous advantages to a vegan diet including lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Unfortunately, there can still be some vulnerabilities when it comes to receiving certain nutrients,” states the company on its website.

“Please note that in exception to B12, there’s no nutrient you can’t get from a vegan lifestyle. However, it’s imperative to understand which vitamins typically go unaddressed so you can meet all of your body’s nutritional needs,” it clarifies.

 The tests, which range from $149 to $399 include the Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel, which checks for 9 most common deficiencies:

  •  B-12
  •  Calcium
  •  Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  •  D-25 Hydroxy (Vitamin D-3)
  •  Ferritin
  •  Folic Acid
  •   Homocysteine
  •  Iron
  •  Zinc

The company adds: “If the panel shows that you are indeed nutrient-deficient, you can adapt your goals, make different dietary decisions, and choose more nutrient-specific foods to ensure your body is receiving adequate levels of nourishment We recommend modifying your diet for at least 8 weeks, and then testing again to ensure that your levels have become sufficient.”

Apart from the Vegan Wellness Panel tests, has also created The Should You Be Vegan testing panels for those who are considering going plant-based.  These tests include   allergy testing for 21 meat and dairy products, such as clams, eggs, cheese, gelatine and pork.

‘Veganism is the right choice’

In a statement to Vegnews,  Healthlabs CEO and founder Fiyyaz Pirani said. “ No one has created a test panel intended to help people determine if veganism is the right choice for them.

“There’s been a lot of buzz around a regulated diet that is absent of animal-derived products, and a lot of people have questions.

“It is our hope that this blood test can help answer some of those questions.”

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