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Leonardo DiCaprio vows to protect animals with new environment supergroup
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Leonardo DiCaprio has launched a supergroup of environmental groups which aim to protect the planet from climate change and loss of biodiversity.

The actor and rumoured vegan has formed Earth Alliance in partnership with business woman Laurene Powell Jobs and philanthropist Brian Sheth.

All three have founded major environmental projects – the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Emerson Collective and Global Wildlife Conservation respectively – and the new initiative will pool resources together to efficiently tackle the biggest issues facing the planet today.

“I am incredibly proud of the impact my foundation has had over the last 20 years by supporting nearly 200 projects from 132 different organizations across climate science, marine and land conservation, critical species preservation and indigenous rights,” said DiCaprio in a statement. 

“Today marks the next step in the evolution of LDF as it fully merges under the new Earth Alliance management and grant-making framework. 

“Laurene and Brian are incredible civic leaders who share my passion and understanding of the urgency and scale of the challenges we face. I am proud to partner with them to form this new larger, nimble platform that shares resources and expertise while identifying the best programs to drive real change around the planet.”

On the launch the supergroup listed its aims as to protect ecosystems and wildlife, ensure climate justice, support renewable energy and secure indigenous rights.

Earth Alliance has vowed to provide grants and educational opportunities. The group also said it would work with indigenous and local communities, grassroots organizations and individuals most affected by biodiversity loss.

The Alliance will fund campaigns, documentary films, third- party independent environmental reporting and public speaking opportunities.

Powell Jobs said: “All we know and love is threatened by the climate crisis, and each of us must ask ourselves and one another what more we can do to protect the planet we share.

“Earth Alliance is part of our answer. I am proud to join with Leo and Brian to make a habitable earth possible for future generations. Leo is one of the most uniquely gifted communicators of our time, and with Earth Alliance, we will harness those gifts to inspire people, regardless of age, race, or geography, to stand up as leaders for our natural world and safeguard our imperiled planet.”

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