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Lidl launches reusable fruit and veg bags
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Shoppers have heaped praise on supermarket Lidl for introducing new reusable loose fruit and veg bags.

The company has launched the new scheme in a bid to cut down on single-use plastics.

Lidl explained on social media: “We’ve introduced these reusable bags for your fruit and veg. Grab one in store to re-use every time you shop for your greens (and oranges and yellows and reds).” 

The supermarket has pledged to reduce plastic packaging by 20% by 2020 while ensuring all own brand packaging is recyclable, reusable, refillable or renewable by 2025.

The company was one of the first major supermarkets to charge for plastic bags when it launched in 1994 and its move to remove single-use plastic bags in 2017 led to the stores using 26 million fewer bags each year.

Georgina Hall, head of corporate social responsibility at Lidl, said in a statement: “Ever since we opened our doors in Great Britain, 25 years ago, we have been strongly committed to finding ways to reduce our plastic waste.

“We’ve made changes – big and small – over the years to help contribute to this. Today’s announcement is the next step, and one which we hope will help customers shift to a truly reusable option.”

Customers praised the move on social media, one responding: “Fantastic news, I’ve been using reusable cotton fruit and veg bags for some time now. The staff at my local Lidl thought they were a great idea. Well done Lid.”

The packs of two reusable bags cost 69p for two, but customers have suggested Lidl needs to offer more products loose to remove even more plastic.

“Great idea. I saw these today on sale. However most of the fruit and veg is still in plastic packaging. It would be even better if it was all loose and then the bags could be used for what they are intended for,” one customer wrote.

What do you think of Lidl’s efforts to reduce plastic use? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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