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Lindt announces vegan milk chocolate bar launch
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The Swiss brand will introduce the new vegan milk chocolate bars as part of its Hello line, this November.

Swiss chocolate company Lindt & Sprungli is set to unveil its first-ever vegan milk chocolate range in time for Christmas.

The growing popularity of the vegan lifestyle has been driving the market for vegan chocolates across the globe. In addition, increasing demand for dairy free products is another crucial factor prompting vendors of the industry to offer more plant-based sweets that deliver the quality, taste, and visual appeal of traditional chocolates.

And, Lindt is one of the latest chocolate manufacturers to join the list with its new oat milk-based vegan chocolate bars. With this new range, it hopes to offer both vegans and flexitarians a tasty alternative this festive season.

Launching in Germany by November, the new chocolate bars will be a part of the brand’s popular Hello line and will be available in three delicious flavours:  Cookie, Salted Caramel, and Hazelnut.

Lindt announces vegan milk chocolate bar launch
Image: Lindt

Apart from being dairy-free, Lindt says the bars are also lactose-free and nut-free, making them ideal for those suffering from allergies.

The bars are expected to retail for €2.99 ($3.39) per 100-gram bar and will be wrapped in a new fully recyclable packaging.

Lindt announces vegan milk chocolate bar launch
Image: Lindt

Lindt will also promote the new range through digital and TV advertising campaigns before the launch.

Vegan chocolate market

With this announcement, Lindt joins other companies that have recently released vegan chocolate products. Last month, Huel added a new vegan Raspberry & White Chocolate Snack Bar to its range while confectionery giant Mars released a Mars flavored oat drink inspired by its iconic chocolate bar. Cadbury is also reportedly launching a vegan-friendly version of classic Dairy Milk bar

The company has been testing recipes to nail a suitable dairy-free chocolate that retains the texture and flavor of the original for over two years.

Lindt announces vegan milk chocolate bar launch
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“We’re always listening to our consumers so we can develop and provide people with greater choice,” said a company spokesperson.

“This includes looking at a plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

“We are only interested in launching a new vegan product that retains the texture and taste that our consumers expect and love.”  

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