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TV star Lisa Snowdon ‘proud’ of body after ditching booze and going vegan
Image: @lisa_snowdon / Instagram

Lisa Snowdon has lost weight, improved the quality of her sleep and has been able to curb her sugar cravings after going vegan.

Lisa Snowdon has “reset” her body as she opened up on the benefits of ditching alcohol and following a plant-based diet.

The English TV presenter and former model took to Instagram to discuss how she felt making changes in her lifestyle, which has helped her lose weight, improve the quality of her sleep and overcome her mid-afternoon sugar cravings.

Sharing a picture of her in a grey snake print crop top and matching leggings, the 48-year-old posted: “Been booze-free for 3 weeks now and pretty much on a plant based diet for about 6 weeks.”

‘Lost a stone’

Although, she clarified that she did not change her eating habits to lose weight, she has dropped around a stone.

She wrote: “Wasn’t about losing weight, wasn’t meant to be for this long it was about having a reset, improving the quality of my sleep and trying to curb my sugar cravings mid afternoon.

“I don’t weigh myself, I don’t even own scales, as I know what I’m like and I’d be on and off them most days which I don’t think for me is healthy.

“But I do know that I have lost weight. I can tell by the way my clothes fit. Maybe a stone who knows….”

‘Proud of that attitude’

She continued the post to tell her fans that she has embraced and accepted her body and is proud of all that it has endured over the years.

“My body whatever the angle doesn’t repel me, and at almost 49 yrs old I’m proud of that attitude, I have acceptance. The stretch marks, the story they tell, I truly have love and respect for all my body has been through, the illnesses, the operations and the strength that it has day to day,”

She added that she intends to continue to keep fit and healthy, eat well, and exercise in order to remain healthy and happy.

Vegan diet

Following the post, several of Snowdon’s followers echoed her sentiments.

One said: “Well done Lisa. I am on a plant based diet now for some time now. See benefits of this in keeping weight off, motivation for exercise and better sleep.”

Another added: “Fair play to you @lisa_snowdon what a refreshing change to see some reality on social media instead of all the bullshit we all see. Keep going. done the vegan thing last year for about 3 months with the wife. Hard work but worth it.”

A third commented: “Well done! Shows it really works looking fabulous.”

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