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YouTube star Logan Paul blasted for ' pseudo-bullfight' video
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PETA called Logan a ‘vile little wannabe celebrity’ and said: “No decent person in the world would follow any example that he sets.”

American YouTuber Logan Paul has come under fire after he posted a video that shows him involved in a ‘pseudo-bullfight’.

 In the video, Logan is seeing jumping right over as a baby bull as it comes charging at him in what looks like a bullfighting ring.

Controversial Celebrity

Logan, who has been focusing on his boxing career lately,  is popular on social media. He has over 40 million followers on YouTube and Instagram and many of them are young millennials and adolescents

And, this isn’t the first time he has posted controversial videos with him mistreating animals.

A couple of years ago, he posted a video showing him tasing dead rats.

The video sparked outrage online and was subsequently deleted.

In another clip, he removed a fish from his coy pond, and tried to give it ‘CPR’.

He has also posted a clip of him discovering the video of a suicide victim – and laughing as he stood by the body.

‘Vile little wannabe celebrity’

His latest video has received a lot of flak. Social media users were quick to condemn the star, with one saying: “Stupid game for stupid people. You make the ox angry just for your fun shame.”

Another added: “You disappoint a lot of us here. Thought you were an animal lover.

“Incredible that someone with so much influence in public supports the mistreatment of bulls. NO to Animal abuse,” commented a third.

Vegan charity PETA also blasted Paul for this latest display of animal cruelty.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement:  “This demonstrably desperate and vile little wannabe celebrity who got his jollies from tasing dead rats is now playing at bullfighting, a blood sport in which insecure men in tight pants taunt, exhaust, and stab a bull until he’s weak enough to be stabbed in the spine.

“No decent person in the world would follow any example that Logan Paul sets.”

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