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American singer Loren Gray urges fans to watch Seaspiracy and 'talk more about it'
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Loren Gray is the latest celebrity to plug the anti-fishing Netlfix documentary to her 1.5 million Twitter followers.

American model, singer, and social media star Loren Gray is urging her followers to watch Seaspiracy.

The 18-year-old, who has millions of followers on social media, is among a slew of celebrities including Bryan Adams, Lucy Watson, Ruby Rose, and more plugging the anti-fishing documentary.

The film directed by filmmaker Ali. Tabrizi spotlights the ‘war being waged’ on the world’s marine ecosystem.

It not only delves into the environmental and ethical impacts of the fishing industry on ocean life but also highlights the inaction of conservation groups and governments through interviews with prominent figures.

After watching the documentary, Gray told her 1.5 M Twitter followers: “Guys PLEASE watch the Seaspiracy Netflix documentary. It’s insane.

“I can’t believe no one is talking about this.”


Her tweet attracted a flurry of comments, with PETA replying: “YES! Everyone needs to watch #Seaspiracy and understand how their choices impact our planet and everyone on it.

“The best thing we can all do is refuse to support the fishing industry and choose #vegan fish-free meals!”

One social media user commented: “It made me sick. I knew it was really bad. But this is insane.

“It goes on every day. Every hour, worldwide.

“Mankind is lost forever. If somebody still cares … PLEASE GO VEGAN.”

Seaspiracy impact

Since its debut on Netflix, the documentary continues to garner global media attention and appears to be influencing people’s attitudes towards seafood. 

A Hong Kong-based zero-waste grocery chain announced it would stop selling fish after the film “opened our eyes to the overwhelming and damaging effects the fishing industry has on our whole ecosystem.”

Metro – a UK-based news publication – released a list of vegan alternatives to seafood in an article titled: “Did Seaspiracy put you off fish?”

At the same time, the movie has also received considerable backlash from NGOs and sustainability experts, who have slammed the film for making “misleading claims” and even being “vegan propaganda.”

The National Fisheries Institute, a representative of the US seafood industry released a statement criticizing the film’s agenda: “The concern with some slickly produced propaganda pieces, masquerading as ‘documentaries,’ is that audiences will not recognize the film’s true agenda.

“Despite the artistic aerial shots, exciting albeit hyperbolic cloak-and-dagger scenes, and stirring action-movie like soundtrack, there is little concern Seaspiracy will be mistaken for anything but a vegan indoctrination movie.”

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