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Lotus Biscoff launches new vegan sandwich cookies in the UK

Image: Lotus Bakery, edited by TotallyVeganBuzz

Popular biscuit brand Lotus Biscoff has launched new vegan cream-filled sandwich biscuits in the UK.

The Belgian biscuit brand Lotus has created a mouthwatering new cream-filled line of its popular cinnamon cookies.

Of the 3 flavours launched, which include Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, and Biscoff Cream—the latter is prepared using vegetarian and vegan ingredients reports Vegan_food_uk- the UK’s number 1 vegan food finder.

The food group wrote on Instagram: “From what we can see they are #accidentallyvegan as they are labelled #vegetarian but with vegan ingredients.”

The sandwich cookies have been launched in Belgium, France, and in the United Kingdom, where they are currently available in Tesco stores, retailing at £1.39 for a pack of 15 and online.

According to a Walmart Insider, the sandwiches are likely to be launched in the United States as well and the retail chain will exclusively offer the new line for $1.98 per pack of 15 cookies each.

Instagrammer, Markie_Devo, spilled the news on social media.

“The new Sandwich biscuit is the ultimate taste sensation that is sure to go down in biscuit history,” Biscoff said in a statement.

“The Lotus Biscoff Cream has the same unique, unmatched flavor and satisfying crunch of the Lotus Biscoff biscuit, but is circular in shape and packed with a delicious layer of Lotus Biscoff cream.”

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