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Mars just launched vegan Bounty and Topic chocolate bars

Mars just launched vegan Bounty and Topic chocolate bars
Image: Mars

The new vegan chocolate bars cost £3 for a 100g bar.

Mars has expanded its vegan range with two brand new chocolate bars just in time for Veganuary.

After launching its first free-from chocolate with Galaxy Vegan in 2019, it has now released a vegan version of two of its most iconic chocolate bars, Bounty and Topic.

The food giant hopes the new bars will replicate the incredible popularity of its predecessor.

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats GM Michelle Frost told The Grocer: “Galaxy Vegan proved incredibly popular and we believe that Topic Vegan and Bounty Vegan will add something excitingly different to the free-from category”.

While Bounty Vegan is described as a “delicious combination of rich cocoa and diced coconut, blended with smooth and creamy almond paste”, Topic Vegan “combines hazelnut paste and rich cocoa with whole hazelnuts, creating a delightful nutty experience”.

Both chocolate bars are registered by the Vegan Trademark.

The vegan treats cost £3 for a 100g bar and are already available in Morrisons’ Health and Wellbeing section.

Bounty Vegan will debut in Asda from the end of January.

Vegan Mars

Currently, Mars offers five different flavors in its vegan Galaxy range including smooth orange, caramel, and sea salt, as well as crumbled cookie, and smooth mint, which it released last September.

Apart from chocolate bars, the food giant has also launched vegan milkshakes in the form of oat-based Mars, Bounty and Galaxy flavoured drinks.

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