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Mars just launched vegan chocolate ‘Mars Oat’ drink

Mars just launched vegan chocolate ‘Mars Oat’ drink
Image: Mars

Mars has added an oat based vegan milkshake to its dairy-free chocolate-bar inspired drink range – Mars Oat.

 After launching dairy-free drinks of popular chocolate bars Galaxy and Bounty last year, confectionery giant Mars has released a Mars flavored oat drink today, July 20.

The new vegan milkshake has no added sugar and is ‘bursting with a rich chocolatey taste’ with a hint of caramel.

The Mars Oat drink is certified by the Vegan Society and will be available at U.K Asda stores in a 250ml bottle for £1.50.

‘Looks so good’

Fans of the iconic caramel nougat chocolate bar hailed the announcement and expressed their excitement on social media.

“Want to go queue outside Asda for this. I’m willing to tent outside for the night too.

“If this tastes malty, chocolatey and caramelly, it would be most exciting

“Looks so good! Definitely have to try!

“Omg I NEED to try this,” were some of the comments posted on Instagram.

The market for plant-based milk has soared over recent years with oat, flax, almond, hemp, rice, and soy milk being available to cater to different consumer preferences. The market has seen huge growth in recent years as more consumers ditch dairy.

Oat milk demand

Among all the alternative milk options available, the demand for oat milk and oat based drinks is staggering.

Recently, Waitrose supermarket reported that its oat milk sales surged by 113% over the last year. It added that while its online searches for the product increased up to 210%, searches for ‘barista oat milk’ spiked 1,517% compared to last year.

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