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Masked vegan activists storm Nando’s to show customers slaughterhouse videos

Masked vegan activists storm Nando’s to show customers slaughterhouse videos
Brighton, UK has been a hotbed for vegan activism in recent months.

Vegan activists wearing chicken masks stormed a Nando’s restaurant to show diners videos of animal slaughterhouses.

The demonstration took place in Brighton, UK where there have been a string of events in recent months – including one in which a protester was arrested for smearing fake blood across a McDonald’s floor.

The Occupy Nando’s protest involved ten activists who presented laptops to customers, revealing an investigation made by animal welfare group Surge.

During the protest, a member of the group announced: “A chicken is an individual. A living, thinking, feeling being. A chicken can feel distress, and recognise stress in others.

“A chicken can feel empathy for others too. Shouldn’t we, as human beings, show empathy for these suffering individuals?”

The group reported that staff ignored them and continued to serve, while some customers laughed at their protest.

But others did watch the videos which aimed to reveal the truth behind the meat industry.

“The aim of the action was to disrupt the customer’s meals and to draw attention to the violence and suffering that went into it,” a spokesman for the group said.

“We know that people don’t like to be exposed to the truth of their food, especially while they are eating it, but what these animals go through is unacceptable and we cannot ignore that so many innocent beings are suffering this very second.”

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