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McDonald’s customers confront vegan activist and munch burgers in his face

McDonald’s customers confront vegan activist and munch burgers in his face
Eiren Donnolly wrote wrote vegan slogans outside McDonald’s in Swansea. Image: @VEGANEIR YouTube

Meat-eating McDonald’s customers confronted a vegan activist outside a restaurant in Wales and ate burgers in his face.

Eiren Donnelly, 21, wrote messages on the pavement in chalk to discourage diners from eating in McDonald’s in Swansea.

The university student wrote ‘Happy meals harm your child’, ‘come get some cancer’, ‘welcome to McDeath’ and ‘dead baby animals sold here’ in front of the fast food outlet.

But offended meat eaters were outraged by his actions and met him outside to munch beef in his face.

In a YouTube video Eiren said he was met with ‘uncooperative members of the public’ during the protest.

He explained he had some great conversations with some ‘really receptive people’ and gave out some leaflets, and thinks people will look into veganism as a result.

But eventually police were called as his ‘come get some cancer’ slogan had offended customers.

Eiren claimed police told him the message could cause embarrassment, alarm or distress – which could lead to a potential arrest.

“Let’s just think about that for a second – harassment, harm and distress. When I walk past McDonald’s, I see pictures of mutilated corpses formed into the shapes of patties and sausages,” he said.

“I can’t get away from it. I feel offended, upset and harassed by the meat industry.”

Eiren went on to explain how meat eaters confronted him outside the McDonald’s in Swansea.

“A lot of people, snowflakes, have been getting triggered by these messages. They’re really sensitive,” he said.

“They’ve come out with these burgers and try and eat them in front of my face. They think it upsets me, of course it does upset me that animals have suffered and died.

“Veganism for me is all encompassing, it is about compassion knowing no boundaries.

“It is something ultimately I suppose I am prepared to be arrested for, but I didn’t think on this occasion I was going to be.

“But for me, whatever social repercussions I may endure by advocating veganism are entirely worth it, because the suffering animals endure is not comparable to social isolation or loss of friendships.”

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