Milton Keynes mum who developed vegan skincare line to help son's eczema debuts in Harrods | Totally Vegan Buzz
Milton Keynes mum who developed vegan skincare line to help son's eczema debuts in Harrods
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British-Nigerian pharmacist, Shalom Lloyd founded Naturally Tribal Skincare after experimenting with African home remedies to relieve her newborn who suffered from extreme eczema and itchy irritation.

Today, a vegan skincare line is making its debut in the ‘Born & Bred’ section at Harrods-owned brand-new H Beauty store in Milton Keynes.

While H Beauty is a standalone concept from Harrods that stocks high-end cosmetics, Born & Bred is a collective of local brands that H Beauty is seeking to support.

Naturally Tribal Skincare, founded in 2014 by British-Nigerian pharmacist Shalom Lloyd, will make its debut alongside more than 90 beauty, skincare, and fragrance brands in the 29,000 square foot beauty emporium.

Naturally Tribal Skincare

Llyod, who set up her natural skincare business from her kitchen in Buckinghamshire, started working on her skin range after her newborn suffered from extreme eczema and itchy irritation.

Unable to bear the idea of smothering his sensitive new-born skin with chemicals and steroids, the mum-of-five started experimenting with home remedies drawing inspiration from her African heritage.

Not only did Lloyd’s recipes containing all-natural ingredients help clear her son’s skin, her vegan certified skincare range now boasts products that help with Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Rosacea too.

The brand uses high grade shea butter sourced from Nigeria and a slew of organic seeds, tree nuts, and oils to make its innovative and enriching premium skincare products.

Extremely proud’

“This wonderful milestone brings my proud dual British and African heritage to life,” Lloyd said reacting to the announcement.

“We know we have great products that work and we are built on incredibly strong values. We know that we are a company that is diverse. So, being part of the H beauty Milton Keynes Born & Bred line up is something to be extremely proud of.

“Having the Vegan Trademark also makes a huge difference and lets our customers know that what they’re buying is free from animal ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals by Naturally Tribal Skincare.”

Genuine vegan skincare

Ericka Durgahee, the Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society added: “We are always so proud of what our Vegan Trademark holders achieve but we know this is a particularly special moment for Shalom and the Naturally Tribal Skincare team.

“We’re also delighted that Harrods customers can now buy genuine vegan skincare that is certified with our sunflower label.”

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