Morrisons launches vegan Corn-ish Pasty | Totally Vegan Buzz

Morrisons has introduced a vegan version of a Cornish pasty as part of a new plant-based range on its Pie Shop counters.

The Corn-ish Vegan Pasty is now a feature at the UK supermarket, and is packed with vegan mince to mimic a traditional pasty. 

The filling is made from seasoned potato, swede and onion inside flaky plant-based puff pastry.

The pasty cost £1.75 or can be bought on an offer of two for £3. The Pie Shop counter also serves Vegan Sausage Rolls for £1 each or two for £1.50.

Morrisons Pasty Buyer, Steve Halford told Vegan Food & Living: “Some of our customers want to cut down on their red meat intake, so we wanted to offer a pasty that’s meat-free and as delicious as the original.”

Have you tried Morrisons’ Corn-ish Pasty? Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

Published by Oli Gross

Oli Gross is a writer and editor at Totally Vegan Buzz. His background is in local newspaper and magazine journalism, and his work has included reporting court cases, celebrity interviews, business analysis, food and drink features and government legislation. Oli’s career and personal ethical values both help shape his reporting of the diverse world of veganism. At Totally Vegan Buzz he specialises in breaking news and features on animal rights activism. Follow him on Twitter @Oli_Gross12



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