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Mr Kipling Creator Premier Foods To Launch ‘Plantastic’ Vegan Range Of Desserts And Soups To Target ‘Growing Trends’

Premier Foods owns a huge selection of popular supermarket brands

Supermarket giant Premier Foods, the maker of Mr. Kipling and Bisto, has announced plans to launch a range of vegan desserts and soups this year.

The company is developing a ‘Plantastic’ range which it says is in response to ‘current customer trends’.

Premier Foods has a huge range of supermarket products including Ambrosia Rice and Oxo cubes, and is looking to offset £42.7m losses this year due mainly to an anti-discrimination ruling on women’s pensions.

And the company has identified targeting the vegan market as the best new tactic to boost sales.

‘Growing trend’

Premier Foods said in a statement: “Under this exciting new brand, the Group will launch a cross category range of products using plant-based ingredients, targeting the growing trend of consumers looking for plant-based and vegan products.

“The products are planned for launch during the course of this financial year in the Desserts, Cake and Soup categories. In terms of the supply chain, these products will be sourced from a combination of in-house manufacturing and co manufacturer partners.”

Revenues at Premier Foods rose 0.6 per cent to £824.3million last year largely thanks to a 12 percent rise in sales at the company’s flagship Mr Kipling brand.

The company also makes Angel Delight desserts, Super Noodles, Birds custards and desserts, Cadbury’s cakes and chocolate spread, Paxo stuffing, Saxa salt, Smash instant mashed potato and Sharwood’s Indian, Chinese and South-East Asian sauces.

Profits were also impacted by a £30.6million impairment charge on its Sharwood’s and Saxa brands last year.

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