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M&S just launched 2 new vegan ice-cream flavors in its plant kitchen range

M&S just launched 2 new vegan ice-cream flavors in its plant kitchen range
Image: M&S Food Press Office

UK’s most prestigious high street retailer has launched 2 vegan-friendly ice-creams after months of intense development to get the perfect recipe.

M&S has now added vegan ice-cream to its popular plant-based Plant Kitchen line-up.

This week, the brand unveiled 2 ice cream flavours: Plant Kitchen Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, made with coconut cream, vanilla and Scottish raspberries and Plant Kitchen Chocolate Ice Cream, made with coconut cream and chocolate.

Announcing the news on Instagram, the brand wrote: “This is not just ice cream … This is our NEW vegan-friendly Plant Kitchen ice cream!

“Choose between two tempting flavours – raspberry ripple made with coconut cream, a hint of vanilla and tart Scottish raspberries or chocolate, a velvety mix of coconut cream, and thick rich chocolate.

“Delicious served in a cone or bowl with fresh berries.”

The ice-creams are available in stores and retail at £3 for a 500ml tub.

“I’m very excited about this launch – we’ve been eager to develop a Plant Kitchen Ice Cream since the brands’ launch in January 2019, and after months of intense development to get the recipe PERFECT we’re excited to finally launch and see what customers think,” said , M&S Product Developer Sarah-Jane Large.

“These ice creams are INCREDIBLE and even if you’re the biggest traditional ice cream fan you will LOVE these vegan-friendly options.”

Vegan ice-creams

M&S is not the only brand to launch vegan ice cream as demand for non-dairy frozen desserts continue to grow.

Earlier, this month Ocado launched, what it claims to be UK’s first vegan banana ice cream made from entirely natural ingredients.

The Banana Scoops range includes three tempting flavours – Banilla (Banana and Vanilla), Chocolate and Raspberry – all of which retail at £5.49.

According to the Banana Scoops brand , the ice-creams are made from all-natural ingredients, mainly by blending bananas and dates with vanilla, raspberries and cocoa powder to “create an ice cream experience you’ve never tasted before.”

They are low-fat, contain no refined sugars, and are free of artificial additives.

M&S just launched 2 new vegan ice-cream flavors in plant kitchen range
Image: Banana Scoops Nice Cream

Coconuts Organic is another upcoming vegan ice cream brand that makes ice creams with coconut cream & unrefined sugar with a handful of natural ingredients for “probably the best non-dairy ice cream you’ll taste.”

While Tesco stocks all its seven flavours including Choc Orange Swirl, Double Caramel, Creamy Coconut, Pure Chocolate, Pure Caramel, Rum N’ Raisin and Mint Choc, the brand recently launched in M&S stores as well.

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