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Nescafé launches three creamy vegan latte flavours in UK supermarkets

Nestlé has launched three new vegan latte mixes under the Nescafé Gold brand.

The soluble almond, oat and coconut lattes are available in Tesco around the country, and will reach other supermarkets in February 2020.

The products which Nestlé say create a frothy, smooth and creamy coffee drink are all certified by The Vegan Society.

The company said the product will help meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based and non-dairy in the UK. 

Neil Stephens, Head of the Nescafé business in the UK and Ireland, said: “Our new premium Nescafé Gold frothy coffees bring the plant-based latte trend out of the coffee shop and into the home. 

“The three delicious flavours, oat, almond and coconut are vegan friendly. Nescafé is the world’s favourite coffee, but we do not take our position for granted. 

“We are quick to spot and embrace fast moving coffee trends and tastes in this highly competitive and innovative market. 

“Our new plant based vegan latte mixes are the latest in a long list of innovations to bring new and exciting sensory experiences to our loyal Nescafé consumers.”

The plant-based lattes are being launched first in the UK and Ireland before being rolled out in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

The product is on a starting offer of two for £3 or one for £2.50 in selected stores.

Have you tried Nestlé’s vegan latte’s? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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