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Nestlé launches vegan ‘Awesome Burger’ in Costco stores

Nestlé launches vegan ‘Awesome Burger’ in Costco stores
Image: Nestlé

Nestlé has introduced a plant based ‘Awesome Burger’ that will sell in select locations in Texas and the Midwest next month.

Nestlé’s acquired Sweet Earth Foods has developed a vegan patty made of yellow pea protein. It packs in 26 grams of protein and closely mimics the taste and texture of meat.

The patties priced at $10.79 for six quarter-pound patties will be available in Costco stores in Texas and the Midwest from next month

Kelly Swette, CEO of Sweet Earth Foods, said: “The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger has a delicious, grilled beefy flavor, great texture, and juiciness, with the added benefit of plant-based fiber and protein.

“We’ve been making delicious plant-based proteins for more than eight years, so the Awesome Burger is a natural evolution of our work in this space. We’re excited for people to find out why we call it Awesome!”

The vegan patty was initially rolled out to selected Safeway, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, and Shop & Stop stores last month with a full national rollout in the pipeline.

Apart from the burgers, CNN reports that Sweet Earth will also be introducing plant-based deli meats this spring.

Nestlé also intends to unveil the “PB Triple Play,” which includes the Awesome Burger patty along with newly developed vegan bacon and cheese in order to serve its vegan customers a complete vegan bacon cheeseburger.

Wayne England, Head of Nestlé’s Food Business, added: “We’re proud of our ability to make healthy and sustainable food accessible to everyone through our trusted brands. This includes plant-based food products under our Garden Gourmet range in Europe and the Sweet Earth brand in the U.S.”

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